[ZWeb] REVISIT: Switch zope.org search to google

Magnus Heino magnus.heino@pleon.sigma.se
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 15:58:28 +0200

>    "zope.org should make Google the default full-text search and return
> to Zope relevance
>    searching as soon as it is available."


Google can't even help me locate more info about the nzo project. Where i=
s it?

Get get Zope2.6 with the new ZCTextIndex, install Plone, change the logo,=
setup some workflow, write migration scripts, done.

Use files for products, documents for howtos. CMFBacktalk is there for bo=
CMFWiki is ready too.

Its much better than current zope.org, its available with a few man weeks=
effort, and its working. Hey, we can even have i18n..

When, if, the stuff nzo is planning to do is ready, use it.