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On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 10:17:55AM -0200, Sidnei da Silva wrote:
| | Andy McKay wrote [about the Zope3 newsletter]:
| | >Great, could this be going on Zope.org instead of the never updated Zope
| | >News?
| | 
| | Whatever happened to new.zope.org?
| | 
| | Chris [Withers]
| http://www.zopezen.org/Members/zopista/News_Item.2002-10-16.0216
| I will post my comments later on this.

Well, its been one week since I said I would comment on this. Ive been
talking with some people here and there and came up with this. Please
excuse-me from the long post, but theres a real need to clarify the

As Kapil mentioned, 'its in the works'. 


I've been talking with people from ZC since early
June, when Paul hadnt leaved to EuroZope yet. And
I've been involved with NZO since March.

A little bit of history: 

  As you can see, its been a looooong time since
  this started, and just to point out, the NZO
  Odyssey (as I like to call it) started far far
  back, in middle 2001. Here is a link to the
  oldproject wiki, called ZopeOrgCollaborationEnhancement:

  After Sept 2001, the projectstalled, apparently
  because the guy who was in charge of this project
  left ZC and no one was able to take over from
  where he stopped.

  Around late Feb 2002, Paul tried to get the
  project going again by calling the community to
  help creating skin mockups and integrating this
  with a sandbox setup that was living on:


  As you can see, that address doesnt even resolve
  anymore. A lot of people joined the project and
  were actually contributing, but we had trouble
  because the box was firewalled, no one had access
  to it and some day the box got down for around 10
  days with no one to bring it up again.

  By this time, I was getting bored of working on
  NZO, because we had a working sandbox setup, but
  we had to wait for ZC to migrate the content to
  the new setup (with CMF 1.2 and Zope2.5) but
  unfortunately everyone at ZC was very busy working
  on customer projects. Then I've set up a NZO
  sandbox at my server:


  (its slow like hell, but still up). Ausum is
  still working on it and I think its the only
  person besides me that is actually working on NZO

  In late July 2002, Paul was about to leave ZC to
  head EuroZope, and I was afraid that NZO could
  fall into complete stagnation without him leading
  the effort. Then spoke with Paul about this and he
  forwarded me to Rob Page, CEO and President of ZC.

And now, what is going on?

  Well, from then on, I got access to a box with a
  copy of Zope.org and wrote a series of Proposals
  and Use Cases, Milestone Plans, and all this
  things that are common on a project as big as
  this. Some of this documentation can be found


  Other parts are being kept private between me
  and Rob cause he wanted to assemble a complete
  Project Plan before investing on NZO. By this
  time, he is reviewing my latest Milestones list,
  which has an estimative of around 2 months to get
  NZO online, with Zope2.6, CMF1.3, CMFBacktalk,
  ZWiki 0.11 and all the bells and whistles, plus
  around 45 days to build a skin for NZO.

  ******** Heads up! this part is interesting :) ***********

  Last week, Guido pronounced his oppinion
  about NZO on an email to Zope3-dev mailing list:


  From this point I started discussing the future
  of NZO with Guido and he volunteered to be the
  leading man inside ZC for the NZO Project. Rob
  agreed with this and Guido is going to start when
  he gets back from his Geek Cruise (yummy!).


  Well, thats basically it. Its a long story, and
  it hasnt ended yet. Theres a long path yet and a
  lot of man hours involved to get this done, as
  Paul pointed out on the Zope-web mailing list. And
  working with a company as big as ZC is not
  easy. They have a bazillion projects going at the
  same time and its difficult to get their attention
  as fast as we want, but *I hope* that things will
  behave accordingly and after all we can get NZO
  around the corner and make Zope grow 10x like Paul
  envisioned last December.

  Long live Zope!



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