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Andreas Jung Andreas Jung <lists@andreas-jung.com>
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 18:53:03 +0100

I agree with Chris and I hope that we will get NZO
done in the near future with the help of Sidnei from
the community side and Guido on the ZC side. There
has been too much wasted effort in the past on this
project without results. I remember that Jens and I
worked very hard on migration issues and a new product
for software releases in the summer of 2001...it has
been a bit frustrating to see that this work did not
bring NZO forward. We all know that we *need* a new
zope.org because current.zope.org sucks like hell.

I am pretty sure there are enough people in the community
willing to contribute. As an example, the German Zope
User Group (www.dzug.org) built its web site during some
month. Ok...the site is not as complex as zope.org but people
are willing to contribute if they can see results and they
don't like to work in an ancient working environment (...all
these tiny textareas everywhere on zope.org ;-)).


--On Montag, 28. Oktober 2002 17:33 +0000 Chris Withers <chrisw@nipltd.com> 

> Thanks for the summary, sounds fascinating.
> My personal 2p?
> Unless ZC relinquish bottleneck control over zope.org, it ain't gonna
> happen. Given the current pathetic excuse of a site at zope.org (crap
> searching, UI, outdates content, etc) we can hardly expect Zope to grow
> at all, let alone the 10x promised last year.
> We aren't 10x bigger now, and we won't ever be at the rate things are
> going.
> Will ZC realise this in time?
> cheers,
> Chris
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