[ZWeb] Zope.org feedback: Zope Mailing Lists

Paul Everitt paul@eurozope.org
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 19:32:50 +0100

On lundi, oct 28, 2002, at 19:11 Europe/Paris, Martijn Pieters wrote:

> There is a Tracker issue open for this item, and I'll respond to it 
> this
> week, as I *should* have some time away from our current project then.
> This has been lying around for quite some while because I am currently
> committed to a customer project which has a higher priority; and I 
> would
> really really really like to find some trusted community members that 
> could
> helk out with Zope.org webmaster tasks.

I think people are helping out and approving tasks, but I still think 
there's an open question regarding *policy decisions*.

How do we make policy decisions, such as switching to google or 
choosing between two "official" external agents?

Do we hash it out on the mailing list, then somebody rolls up their 
sleeves and makes the change?  If so, I'm willing to make these two 
changes (Google and clarification on Zope in Germany).

However, if there exists someone acting as BDFL, then that person needs 
to make the call.  There are at least four people that could 
conceivably be called zope.org BDFL, and they are all taller than five 
feet four inches. :^)

How does a final decision get made made concerning zope.org policy?