[ZWeb] time to retire CMFWiki

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
Thu, 03 Apr 2003 12:28:30 -0800

Jeffrey P Shell <jeffrey@cuemedia.com> writes:
>> What about the wiki's? What's the current state of them? Are you
>> planning to use CMFWiki or Zwiki?
> I would imagine CMFWiki.  I still haven't really heard what the plan is on

CMFWiki can and should go away this month IMHO. Being out of date, it's
causing a lot of confusion for new users who can't get support. It's all
merged in Zwiki, aside from some skin details which don't apply to nzo.
Cf http://zwiki.org/CMFWiki .

Tres, Chris (which of you did the CMFWiki work ?) feel free to speak up on

> this - all Wiki's, new and old, valid and obsolete, etc, are moving, or is
> any attempt being given to clean them up?  If attempt is being given to
> clean them up, what is that effort and which ones is it touching?  I think
> the Project Wikis should always stay around and be separate from each
> other (and I still want to completely redo the fishbowl Proposals part as
> not-a-wiki).  If any plans are already made about what to do with the
> devsite stuff, I want to know.

It looked to me like the wikis have simply been migrated from the
WikiForNow codebase to the Zwiki codebase.  No further cleanup or
reorganization yet.  I think that's good - let that be out of scope for
the immediate task (getting nzo rolled out).