[ZWeb] NZO Alpha Announcement

Sidnei da Silva sidnei@x3ng.com
Fri, 4 Apr 2003 12:44:34 -0300

On Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 11:56:30PM +0100, PieterB wrote:
| >  - Loads of cleanups on CSS and HTML. 
| - Changing of font size in browser doesn't work (it works fine with Tonico's
| mockup).

I didnt looked into this yet. Will do it next week.

| - Stupid space in front of Zope logo. If it doesn't leave by next
| week I am going to fight it ;). Anybody got a clue why IE is messing
| this up?

If you could help, I would be glad. I would prefer a CSS only
solution, if possible.

| - Please update the spotlight: 21 august 2001 doesn't look up to date

I removed it entirely. Theres nothing to add in place of it that I
know of.

| - Log in box -> Nice blue top bar just like the boxes on the right hand
|   side would be nice.

Next week.

| Some new issues:
| - Blue of Zope logo doesn't match blue background of topbar

Does it? Humm... I need a new monitor or glasses :P

| - Maybe an idea to use Javascript to put the cursor in the 
|   search box using the BODY ONLOAD (see google.com for the javascript)

Not very user friendly. :( Works for google, but were not a search engine.

| - The 'more' (e.g. What is zope) links might be made a bit more
|   attractive, e.g.  put a blue |> in front or use the plone thingie
|   http://dev.nzo.zope.org/linkTransparent.gif

I dont think thats worth the trouble, if its only for the frontpage.

| - Products names are not displayed correctly. I guess "1.0 (1.0)" 
|   should read Someproduct (1.0)


| - Copyright? There isn't a © before 2003 but I don't really
| like the 'All rights reserved'. The legal page links to Zope.com
| which seems to have a typo/error in their 'Legal notice'. Can I use
| zope.org's new design for my websites (not that I plan to), or will
| ZC sue me. I think the design/template should be ZPL or something
| similar, perhaps even the new default for Zope 2.7 websites. That
| would make it easier to use goodlooking/usable websites using Zope.

I dont know the answer to this one. Maybe Shawn can say something. He
asked me to put the legal things there.

| - The contact link should link to a form, instead of using a mailto
| (mailto is bad, unless used for emailadresses). The form should
| give the user the oppurtinity to post to zope@zope.org for a
| zope-question, and to zope-web@zope.org for a zope-web question.
| Clearly state that the message will be sent to an e-maillist which
| is archived on the web.

Scheduled to next week.

| - You wrote something about linking the mailinglist navigation to
| lists.zope.org/ mail.zope.org. I think it's bad to have links in
| the menu directly go to other sites when the user doesn't expect
| it (with Zope Exits the user expects to leave the zope site).  Why
| not create a clear, nice looking subpage describing the various
| Zope mailinglist and how to use them, e.g. warn that zope@zope.org
| is a high-traffic list, that the lists are archived on the web,
| etc. That page could have a clear link to lists.zope.org. I think
| mailman 2.1 new templating system even uses ZPT (not sure), so it's
| even possible to give the mailman pages a zope.org look and feel
| (not very high priority, though).

Post launch then :)

| >  - All content of Zope.org except /Wikis (pending a hand from Shane
| >  with a misbehaving script) as of March 14 was migrated.
| What about the wiki's? What's the current state of them? Are you
| planning to use CMFWiki or Zwiki?

ZWiki. Im waiting for limi to finish the beautification of ZWiki
templates to make the last stab on this.

| >  - Objects have a 'obsolete' workflow state, that will be used to mark
| >  old content and remove it on the next round of migration.
| remove it? are zope members given a long period of time to clean
| up their home dirs? (i don't think a period such as two weeks that
| is used on plone.org is appropriate for zope.org). Another solution
| is to make old content hard to find (e.g. moving it to old.zope.org
| or not searching it by default)

Im pretty sure were going to remove any DTML Method or DTML Document
on home folders. Optionally, I can transform them in CMF Documents and
put under a folder named archive if thats interesting. Were getting
*loads* of infinite recursion errors because of badly written DTML.

| > Many thanks to the people that gave suggestions so far, Peter, Paul, Jan,
| > George, and Tonico who made the last mockup which in my opinion was
| > one of the biggest improvements.
| Small typo: Peter -> Pieter? Or did I miss Peter's suggestions? ;)

Yes, it was a typo. Sorry :)

| > On the following weeks, we will be discussing the next steps on
| > getting this to replace the current Zope.org and will continue
| > improving whats here. 
| Yeah! Any plans on when to release next alpha or beta? Any plans
| on a final release date we/you're aiming for?

Im talking with the folks at ZC to get the cluster and LDAP set up. No
date is known yet.

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