[ZWeb] NZO Alpha Announcement

Sidnei da Silva sidnei@x3ng.com
Fri, 04 Apr 2003 20:01:59 -0300

Jeffrey P Shell wrote:
> On Friday, April 4, 2003, at 08:58  AM, Sidnei da Silva wrote:
>> | Another option is to use an extra icon for links that go offsite from
>> | large link lists, and those links should always open in a new window.
>> | If it's a subpage containing all off-site links, this isn't necessary.
>> Looks like there is consensus that opening new windows is not
>> good. Will leave it as-is.
> Please then, no links to zope.com for the Roadmap - which I see has now 
> been fixed.

Nice huh :P

> I appreciate Pieter's roadmap page - but does this need to be a Wiki?  
> Now there are all these extra headers and toolbars and links and 
> sub-sub-sub tables and question marks getting in the way of trying to 
> ascertain the current Zope release information.  Too many header bars 
> (the site bar and the wiki bar) feel like they're pushing information 
> down on what wants to be a standalone page (evidenced by the very small 
> table of contents, which shows up with NO NZO skin around it...).  But I 
> guess there's some Wiki skin work still ongoing?  I don't know what can 
> be done about this, but the page flow currently is just rather noisy.

Yes, Limi is working on ZWiki skin beautification to get it ready for 

I agree with you that this roadmap page has way too many whistles. I 
dislike table borders entirely.

> If the Roadmap page should remain a Wiki page, then maybe pages like 
> this are good candidates for the giganto-wiki that Simon proposed a few 
> months back.  I'm still leery of having the dichotomy of WikiSpace 
> versus NormalContentSpace creating confusing navigation and duplicated 
> content, but I'd rather have that than NormalContentSpace pierced by 
> many little Wikis.

I think that a Roadmap page is a nice candidate for a Wiki, but whatever 
is suggested would be fine for me.

> Finally, why is Plone on the Roadmap page?  Are we setting a dangerous 
> precedent by putting third party things on there?  I think that the 
> Products listing page should help people find links to Plone, ZWiki, 
> Kontientor, etc, and the people behind those projects should update 
> their own roadmaps and release plans in their own areas - mostly so they 
> don't have to worry about updating yet-one-more-place.

Thats a *gooooood* question. Why Plone is here? Pieter?

>> | >What about the wiki's? What's the current state of them? Are you
>> | >planning to use CMFWiki or Zwiki?
>> For now, were just converting everything to ZWiki. As Simon pointed
>> out on Zope3-dev, the whole experience will be improved just by doing
>> this, because the current wikis on Zope.org lack key features.
> I was unaware that CMFWiki's capabilities had been folded back in to 
> ZWiki, my mistake.
> Erk.  Has the software been updated yet?  I'm getting lots of bugs when 
> trying to make an alternate roadmap page.  It's not remembering what I'm 
> editing the page as, and when DTML is there as an option (which I'm not 
> purposefully selecting - it just gets reselected every time I click 
> 'edit'), I get an AttributeError, "runFitOn".

err... my fault. There was a editform laying around in 'custom'. I 
cleaned that and cvs upped ZWiki. It still has the bug on selecting the 
format though :(

>> | On top of what Pieter pointed out, I have something else of my own: the
>> | ZSP page is in terrible shape on new.zope.org.  I don't know if I've
>> | ever seen a version of it that I've liked.  What are the plans for it,
>> | and how can I help get it up to something comparable with what exists
>> | on Zope.org now - but better (ability to filter/search ZSP's by region,
>> | for example)?
>> I made a first try at it, http://dev.nzo.zope.org/Resource/ZSP
>> This is a new product called CMFContentList, which makes configurable
>> listings of objects. Next things I need to add are batching and
>> searching. Let me know what you think.
> There should be something separating the entries - either an HR type 
> separator or alternate row colors.  Other than that, it looks fine.

Good. The nice thing about the way I did this is that you just need to 
change a macro on portal_skins to get a new look.