[ZWeb] NZO Alpha Announcement

Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey@cuemedia.com
Fri, 4 Apr 2003 18:36:06 -0700

> Why a full Wiki on its own, just for the Roadmap?  So anyone can 
> update it?  I see that as a valid want, but there's a lot of overhead 
> just on the User Interface just to get a single editable page - 
> particularly one that should have pretty good editorial control.    I 
> think a small group of Zope.org editors can update a normal document 
> just fine here, with less overhead on the software side and so on.  
> And since normal documents can have comments attached as part of the 
> CMF framework, the community can still remind us to update, or add new 
> information that the editors of the site can respond to.
> I agree with Simon's (much) earlier vision of a unified Zope.org Wiki. 
>  I'm still not a big Wiki fan, but unifying the non-development Wiki's 
> instead of having many tiny ones is better.  I still think a lot of 
> what we may want (or may have wanted) Wikis for on the current 
> Zope.org site can be satisfied with good editor setups and commentable 
> pages.  CMF's document system which doesn't require sudden switching 
> to the ZMI makes editable pages easier.
> If it's meant to just be a standalone document, I'd rather have a 
> standalone document than an entire Wiki that exists purely to support 
> that one page.  If we want it to be a Wiki page, then we should come 
> up with a canonical content Wiki on the site and put it in there 
> (...zope.org/wiki/RoadMap).

Ergh, by "I'd rather have a standalone document", I mean a standalone 
regular CMF Document.

> I'd be happy with either solution.