[ZWeb] NZO Alpha Announcement

Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey@cuemedia.com
Sat, 5 Apr 2003 08:40:05 -0700

On Saturday, April 5, 2003, at 04:37  AM, Sidnei da Silva wrote:

> Im sure youre not the only one. Simon says (:P) that it shouldnt be 
> hard to add reST as an option on the current ZWiki. Simon?

I've had some experience now writing custom parsers and writers (simple 
writers) for use in content situations that use reST's DOM API to only 
return certain parts of the document (the body, or the body with the 
body's preamble).  Having something like that is important.

There's also some code in the docutils sandbox for dealing with Wiki 
links that makes link handling a transform.  It basically marks up 
potential links for later processing.  The nice thing about this 
approach is that it ensures situations like the following don't get 
double-linked (a problem that has occurred on the current Zope.org 

   - Download `StandaloneZODB <standalone.tgz>`_

In a situation that happened on CZO, the whole `...`_ (well, the STX 
equivalent) got turned into a StructuredText link, and then 
``StandaloneZODB`` got turned into a Wiki Link, causing <a..> tags to 
be nested.

The other thing it may depend on is Bill Bumgarner's DocArticle code in 
the docutils' sandbox.  DocArticle outputs simple HTML that doesn't 
require style sheets (normal reST output uses stylesheets pretty 
heavily, causing occasional issues with integration with other 

I could put together a module or package that just does the reST side 
and returns the right amount of output (just the body) and could do 
some simple WikiLink preprocessing.

> Under this point of view, I agree with you. +1 for normal document. 
> Another thing that was mentioned on a mailing list somewere 
> (Zope3-dev?) was that we *should* have STXDocument, HTMLDocument and 
> PlainTextDocument instead of the funky CMFDefault document, which 
> tries to do it all, but would fail miserably if we tried to add reST 
> support to it.

No, CMFDefault's document should just be smarter, with the ability to 
register Text Handlers.  I've hacked some solutions together in the 
past, but nothing that can be used by the public.  :\.  It's a sticky 
situation.  Tres has talked about this in the past and it's something 
that was on the early (potential) roadmaps for CMF 1.4, but Tres' 
system was a lot more encompassing than anything I've hacked together 
for personal use and I've had zero time to even touch CMF in the last 
few months.


I don't like the different *Document types.  It may be best to keep 
what's there for now and add ReSTDocument as a new object type in the 

Jeffrey P Shell