[ZWeb] Upcoming events, and removing the news

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Sat, 12 Apr 2003 14:04:30 +0200

Hello all,

Regarding Zope News:
"Remember June? The sun, the beach, the last issue of the Zope News.
But now it's November and we're in the post-sniper, post-election,
post-news world.
Lots of things have happened " -- seems like a good idea to remove that

Is anybody working on the next edition? Why is it so difficult to publish
this regularly.
Is there an editor for the Zope News? I see that several individual
people are listed
as having compiled the last entry.

What I miss the most are the "Featured Articles."

ZopeMag releases a few articles for free each quarter -- can we be of



Paul Everitt wrote:

> Howdy.  I'd like to make two small changes to the zope.org home page:
> 1) Resurrect the box above Zope News to list some of the upcoming
> events.
> 2) Remove the Zope News block until we put together a new news.
> Comments?
> --Paul
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