[ZWeb] Upcoming events, and removing the news

george donnelly list@zettai.net
Sat, 12 Apr 2003 11:14:35 -0400

[mark @ zopemag wrote (mark@zopemag.com) on 4/12/03 8:04 AM]

> Is anybody working on the next edition? Why is it so difficult to publish
> this regularly.
> Is there an editor for the Zope News? I see that several individual
> people are listed
> as having compiled the last entry.

I'm the nominal "first-guy-to-shoot". ;)

I'm not working on a new edition atm, tho, I am interested in doing it.

It is "difficult" to to publish regularly bc few people are interested in
the job, bc it takes some serious time and effort, bc we are all busy and bc
we don't have a good workflow, space or system for incrementally building up
a zope news issue.

I'd like to setup a kind of weblog where people can submit their writeups
and that will enable us to do the news in a "bite-size" fashion and
therefore the task for the individual person would be less daunting, but
whenever I bring this up, people say that that's what ZopeZen is doing and
there's no need to duplicate.

so that's where we're at. :)

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