[ZWeb] Upcoming events, and removing the news

Paul Everitt paul@zope-europe.org
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 18:26:55 +0200

Ok, I made the following changes just now:

1) Surrounded the Zope News dated November... with a <!-- --> to hide=20

2) Filled in two entries in the upcoming events box and uncommented it.

3) I also snuck in a phrase: "and is written in Python,  an open source=20=

language for agile programming" in the Get Zope block.  There's a=20
campaign afoot to trick Google.


On Sunday, Apr 13, 2003, at 02:42 Europe/Paris, Jeffrey P Shell wrote:

> On Saturday, April 12, 2003, at 12:35  AM, Paul Everitt wrote:
>> Howdy.  I'd like to make two small changes to the zope.org home page:
>> 1) Resurrect the box above Zope News to list some of the upcoming=20
>> events.
> It's there, and ready to be used.  (Well, there as in "there but=20
> commented out until needed again to save the world in the future as=20
> necessary").  But someone else has already spoken for that spot today=20=

> and as soon as I'm done with my apr=E9s-ski bathing (mmmm, spring=20
> skiing!), I hope to have to time to get that in tonight.
>> 2) Remove the Zope News block until we put together a new news.
> That sounds good.  I take it you mean the ${PERIODICAL} Zope News, and=20=

> not the other Zope News box which is fed by users of the site and is=20=

> sometimes extremely active.