[ZWeb] :-) and :-(

Chris Withers chrisw at nipltd.com
Tue Aug 5 08:23:06 EDT 2003

Hi guys,

Just thought I'd say I tried out the new zope.org. Looks pretty, but the 
first thing I noticed is how looooong the front page took to loads up.
So, here's some bullet points:

1. Not even logged in when the front page was slow, so pretty 
unacceptable and the LDAP suggestion on the front page doesn't apply.

2. Clicking on "Zope Powered Sites" appears to give me a page of fairly 
unfiltered links to the portal catalog. Sure enough, clicking on any of 
them gives a massive log list of brains. Ouch!

3. Does the diagram on the 'about zope.org' page still apply?

4. The 'news' link was also pretty slow...

5. The ZSP page is still only listed alphabettically. That seems pretty 
unfair on companies like Zettai.net ;-)

6. Not sure a link to a google search for the hostig providers is the 
right way to do it.

7. The Download, Zope and Products links all appear to go to the same 
place. And it's still fairly impossible to find the product you're 
looking for :-S

8. Do we really want a link to cmf.zope.org on the front page of 
zope.org? ;-)

9. If you go to dev.zope.org, many of the links on the left suddely stop
    working :-S

10. Got a '111 Connection Refused' occasionally, when going to
     www.zope.org. A couple of requests for the front page also simply
     timed out.

11. The 'User Groups' link consistently timed out for me...

12. Buttons and text boxes look practically identical on Mozilla 1.3,
     pretty bad for usability

Still, hopefully all these are just minor niggles that can be quickly 
fixed. Given the warning about LDAP, I haven't tried my member folder 
yet. How will we know when that's fixed?



PS: Please CC me in any replies as I'm not on the zope-web list...

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