[ZWeb] Re: Announce: new www.zope.org is LIVE!

Chris Withers chrisw at nipltd.com
Tue Aug 5 12:00:08 EDT 2003

(doesn't this belong on zope-web at zope.org?)

Jean Jordaan wrote:
> Yay :)  I'm sure this ushers in a new era of Zope UI
> respectability ;>
> So, sorry to start with the quibbles already, but ..
>  Too many pages are way too wide
>  http://collector.zope.org/ZopeOrg/106
> This has always bugged me about Plone too.
> It seems like every second page is way wider than
> my browser window. This is partly the result of long
> <pre> lines, which is made worse by the fact that
> the content area is a table cell .. this means that
> the longest <pre> line sets the width of all the text.
> It would be much better if only the too-long lines
> extended off the side of the screen, and the other
> lines wrapped. IMHO this consequence of the table-
> based layout is a major downer :/
> The table on a member's page (eg.
> http://zope.org/Members/jens/view ) also gets much too
> wide very easily.
> I like to bump up the text size to 120% or so for easy
> reading on my laptop, and on new zope.org I can't,
> unless I want to scroll horizontally a lot.

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