[ZWeb] ie6 display problems

Mark Fallu mfallu at optushome.com.au
Wed Aug 6 15:14:57 EDT 2003

Hey folks,
good work getting the site up and running.

There are still a few (tiny) display problems in IE 6 that have been hanging
around for AGES.

1. the zope community logo in the top left is shifted to the right by about
3 to 5 pixels from where it should be.
2. the logo is also a little darker than it should be, currently it doesn't
match the background navy and and grey of the rest of the header.
3. The margin of the central content section is inconsistent when moving
from the front page to the subsequent 2 col pages. (eg. on the front page
there is a margin all the way round - on the News page the right hand margin
goes all the way to the edge of the screen.

hope this isn't seen as picky.


Mark F

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