[ZWeb] better reviewer interface for zope.org

Paul Everitt paul at eurozope.org
Mon Aug 11 17:00:49 EDT 2003

Are we allowed to be Reviewers if we haven't signed the Zope.org 
Contributor Agreement?  I thought that was required.  If not, then 
perhaps I can legally log-in again on zope.org :)


Andreas Jung wrote:
> Hi,
> at this the reviewer interface is a bit complicated to use. To publish an
> item one has to click
> on "State", select the effective date and then choose "publish". How about
> a "Publish" button
> for every item in the list of pending objects? (Maybe the same to reject an
> item). And it would be fine to publish a list of selected object with 
> one click.
> -aj
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