[ZWeb] Slippery Credentials

Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey at cuemedia.com
Mon Aug 11 13:06:59 EDT 2003

Login credentials don't stick between 'zope.org' and 'www.zope.org'.  
The login actions default to 'zope.org'.  But when clicking on any URL 
that leads to 'www.zope.org' (or just trying to go back to one and 
reloading the page to get full access, such as comment priveleges), one 
appears to be logged out again unless they manually drop the 'www.' 
from the URL in their browser.

I've noticed this behavior on the Safari (Konqueror based) and Camino 
(Mozilla based) browsers on Mac OS X.

I'm not sure how to fix this, but I'm hoping someone here does.

Brian Lloyd made a fix to the left-side navigation links to hardcode 
'www.zope.org' as the base of most URL's (instead of using 
'portal_url', which was causing all the 404 emails concerning 
dev.zope.org links - once one went into 'dev.zope.org', there was no 
getting out).  Maybe this should be tweaked further to just use 
'zope.org' as the base?

Jeffrey P Shell, jeffrey at cuemedia.com

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