[ZWeb] Slippery Credentials

alan runyan runyaga at runyaga.com
Mon Aug 11 14:17:41 EDT 2003

> Login credentials don't stick between 'zope.org' and 'www.zope.org'.  The 
> login actions default to 'zope.org'.  But when clicking on any URL that 
> leads to 'www.zope.org' (or just trying to go back to one and reloading 
> the page to get full access, such as comment priveleges), one appears to 
> be logged out again unless they manually drop the 'www.' from the URL in 
> their browser.
> I've noticed this behavior on the Safari (Konqueror based) and Camino 
> (Mozilla based) browsers on Mac OS X.
> I'm not sure how to fix this, but I'm hoping someone here does.

take a look at setCookieAuth

seems that this has been fixed in HEAD of Plone


> Brian Lloyd made a fix to the left-side navigation links to hardcode 
> 'www.zope.org' as the base of most URL's (instead of using 'portal_url', 
> which was causing all the 404 emails concerning dev.zope.org links - once 
> one went into 'dev.zope.org', there was no getting out).  Maybe this 
> should be tweaked further to just use 'zope.org' as the base?
> Jeffrey P Shell, jeffrey at cuemedia.com
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