[ZWeb] RPM Links

Marcus Schopen marcus at localguru.de
Tue Aug 12 10:12:55 EDT 2003


my plan for today was building new 2.6.2b5 RPMs.

But on the new website I can't find links from the official download 
Site ( /Products/ ) to my RPM repository:


It would be nice if you could link it like on the old site: left 
navigation bar "ZOPE RPMs in "Download" section.

Here are some download statistics (without src-rpms) for July:

884 RH9
250 RH 7.3
213 RH 8.0
189 python backport for RH 8.0
170 SuSE 8.2
119 SuSE 8.1
119 Debian/woody backport


1088 RH 8
  976 python backport for RH 8.0
  530 RH 9
  177 RH 7.3
  127 SuSE 8.2
   91 Debian/woody backport

Otherwise it doesn't make any sense for me to put any more time in this 
project. It's too much work and without linking it, nobody will find the 


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