[ZWeb] Re: [ZOC] 106/ 2 Comment "Too many pages are way too wide"

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sun Aug 17 13:20:27 EDT 2003

Tonico Strasser writes:
>Jean Jordaan wrote:
>> This also looks like an exemplary CSS layout:
>>    http://texturizer.net/firebird/extensions.html
>> Sidebar and main content. The content even has a two-column
>> list that falls back to 1 column when I make my fonts large
>> enough.
>> Further down, there are divs that extend beyond the window
>> to the right if my fonts are big, due to long URLs, but the
>> divs do so individually: each is only as wide as the URL
>> forces it to be. They're not all as wide as the widest.
> That are tables, and that's OK because they are used for structuring
> data. Divs wouldn't extend.

That's good news, and seems to be demonstrated by Jean's link.

A process issue: I think we should try to send such comments to the issue
itself, as well as the list. I've cc'd the above to
http://collector.zope.org/ZopeOrg/106 .

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