[ZWeb] zope hosting link on zope.org

george donnelly list at zettai.net
Sat Aug 23 12:30:11 EDT 2003

the link to google was a bit improvised but it was much better to a severely
outdated page

for example on the page it links to now, beehive is there, but they do not
do zope hosting anymore. @mngmt's website is dead. the mtg page does not
mention anything about hosting. ditto for kolb consulting, omcnet does not
appear to have anything about zope. even tho the same is tru for vex.net i
know they do some zope hosting. internet factory does not mention zope

and of course companies like imeme, lanestlabs, ingeniweb, gocept, interlix,
python-hosting, iniquinet,  zettai.net etc are not mentioned there.

any person seriously using this page to look for a zope host (and i am sure
there are many, are going to become frustrated and think that zope hosting
is not nearly as available as it really is and whatsmore will conclude that
the zope.org website is not well-maintained.

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