[ZWeb] Where is the link to current RPMs gone?

Chris McDonough chrism at zope.com
Thu Aug 28 12:07:07 EDT 2003

It is indeed frustrating to have such centralized control of some
parts of the website and I do agree that we need to be more responsive
to change requests and share ownership of the shared bits.  But there
is no one work works at Zope Corporation whose job it is to manage the
website.  That's why these things get dropped on the floor.  There was
talk a while back of offering manager access to various folks after a
contributor's agreement was signed, but I have no idea where that
effort is now.

- C

> Hi Paul!
> Paul Everitt wrote:
> >
> > Is this RPM stuff a separate effort that is independent what
Marcus is
> > doing?
> Hmmm, but I think that is not the point. The RPM stuff doesn't
depend on
> my person. Everybody is free to create RPMs and Debian packages and
> publish them ;-). My point was or is still and that's why I was a
> bit frustrated: this is not the way an open source community should
> work. People who are responsible for services (e.g. the website)
> take care of postings from members. If members on zope.org get the
> feeling that nobody really cares about the website and community
> they will go to other projects. Zope is the best, but not the only
> application server :-)
> I'll go to Berlin today and will be back on Thuesday. Next week I
> publish new RPMs an contact Chris to do some coordination.
> Chris: Thanks for setting the Link!
> Thanks,
> Marcus
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