[ZWeb] Re: light blue touch paper and stand back (was Re: Re: NZO, was Re: Zope 3 branding)

Simon Michael simon@joyful.com
Sat, 01 Feb 2003 07:30:49 -0800

Jeffrey P Shell <jeffrey@cuemedia.com> writes:
> I want to encourage more explicit linking - I want people to make less
> small pages and to focus more on single documents that are easier to
> maintain.  

Yes, this can be a good thing. I made a similar post recently:

> (And I want CamelCase to die - 'McDonough' shouldn't be a Wiki link, and
> I shouldn't have to go in there and escape it every time I mention
> something about Chris just so that damn question mark will go away).

Well, don't toss it away too lightly. I assume you've read about it's
advantages at WikiWikiWeb. Also I find no problem with linking in code
fragments which you mentioned earlier, because code fragments are always
quoted (', pre, ::, etc).

But yes, zwiki should support that policy choice. I want three types of
linking to be enabled/disabled on a per-wiki basis: WikiNames, [...], and

Anyway - are you against the idea I put out (one prominent zope wiki to
absorb some of the lost ones) ? I'm not sure.