[ZWeb] Zope.org feedback: Zope mirroring ?

robert boulanger robert@bluedynamics.org
Thu, 06 Feb 2003 01:37:05 +0100

Just read this mail and had one thought which I comment inline

>a single point and is then (read only) replicated out to mirrors".
>from the downloads though it should be relatively simple to have
>a download tree that can be replicated via rsync and the download
>page(s) could be coded to either do a "select a mirror" and then
>all the links (on the following page) refer to that mirror, or
>a "download this release file" with a list of sites it can be
>downloaded from.
If something like that is planned I want to mention that I (and this is 
very very subjective and I only want to give a hint) don't like such 
follow up pages like sf does now.  
It's a mess if you want to download something to a remote server  where 
you only have wget, but the download page only provides an interface for 
selecting the mirror via radiobuttons.

A nice  idea also was the download support for the new kde 3.1, which 
randomly (or is some intelli behind?) gives you different download links 
after nearly every refresh of the download page.  

However, it should be a link which is always easy to copy from the 
webbrowser on my local machine and easy to paste in a remote console 
after the wget command.

And here is another idea I had independently from this discussion some 
hours ago:

wouldn't it be nice to have a product within zope which takes an URL of 
a product, downloads it and installs it automatically. So product 
installation would be much simpler. Yes I know, now there will come some 
security related postings along :), but this is just an idea I had, 
because it often sucks to download and untar the product, and restart 
zope when this machine is only reachable via ssh console. A nice 
packaging concept would be great where I only need a connected 
webbrowser to the Zope instance where I want to install something.

Maybe I should post this idea to zope3-dev