[ZWeb] NZO pre-alpha Announcement and Call for volunteers

Erik Lange erik@digitalforbruger.dk
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 19:08:32 +0100

At 06:20 PM 2/15/03, Sidnei da Silva wrote:
>Another thing: We are using a Plone-based site. I already did some
>work on CSS starting from the what Limi did on
>http://limi.net:8080/nzo so it doesnt look too much like Plone. I
>would like to hear only suggestions and no 'I hate Plone' emails. No
>rant should come without a volunteering to fix the issue!

I don't hate Plone :-)


CMF Default != CMF, it's one of many possible CMF implementation, but 
nevertheless, it's the one people gets when they download CMF (Core and 

Plone != CMF

NZO should = CMF (whatever that is).

I find it odd to use a product that has chosen a different path for 
implementing CMF, and that such a product should be promoted by NZO.

Has the Plone-community voluntered to support NZO in the future, or has 
Zope corporation also chosen Plone as a new standard for CMF implementations ?

I won't start a rant, but would like to sugest that you at least removes 
the navigation-box, which I have always found confusing, comparred to the 

Kind regards,
Erik Lange