[ZWeb] NZO pre-alpha Announcement and Call for volunteers

Paul Everitt paul@eurozope.org
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 21:50:44 +0100

Sidnei da Silva wrote:
> Greetings from the warm Brazil!
> Im writing today to let everyone be aware that the pre-alpha of NZO is
> ready and accessible from http://dev.nzo.zope.org.
>  Im calling it pre-alpha because a lot of last-minute problems
> appeared when running the last batch of migration, so it isnt ready
> enough to call it an alpha.

Well done!  We'll all need to have some patience on the first few 
pre-releases.  Migration is going to be a process of discovery.

> Heres the actual state:
>  - All content migrated, except Trackers and UserFolders.
>  - XMLDocuments were migrated to ParsedXML but arent accessible
>  because theres isnt a CMF-aware ParsedXML type. 

There shouldn't be that many, right?

Does the migration script still report the number of each type?

>  - DTML Methods, Page Templates, DTML Documents and Python Methods
>  (eek!) arent accessible through the CMF interface for the same
>  reason.

Page templates?  Uhh, zope.org shouldn't have any of them. :^)

Previous edicts called for DTML Docs/Methods and Python Methods to be 
rejected (not migrated) if they contained any DTML or other scripting.

Is this still the policy?

>  - Almost all content in the site is in private state. Im running a
>  script to publish the content in /Members and fix ownership right
>  now. It should take at least another 2 hours to finish.
> So, what you can do?
>  - You can go to http://dev.nzo.zope.org and log in using your account
>  from zope.org


>  - If your member folder was already fixed, you can see all your old
>  content (and if it wasnt, just wait a few hours and it will be).
>  - If you can see your old content, you can add /manage at the end of
>  the URL for your member folder and access the ZMI.
>  - You can search, create new content, whatever.

Regarding this, what kind of newfangled searching are you using? 
Anything like relevance, etc.?

> And now, how I can use your help?
>   - Many pages in Zope.org, including the frontpage are done in DTML. I
>   would like to convert a big part of them, if not all to
>   ZPT+PythonScripts.

This is indeed a good task for people to tackle.  It can be done all 
through-the-web at first, so people don't need to get a server login.

Will people need to have executed the contributor agreement and the 
other thing to help on templates?

>   - Many links are hardcoded to http://www.zope.org or
>   http://dev.zope.org. Where possible, I would like to get this fixed
>   either by using relative links or some other approach. Suggestions
>   are welcome.

Guido once wrote a Python webcrawler.  Maybe it could be adopted to 
perform just this single task?

>   - We now have workflow! So, I added a transition called 'obsolete'
>   which kicks the content into 'obsolete' state, where it is removed
>   from the catalog. I would like to have people walking around the
>   site and marking obsolete content so on the next run of the
>   migration script we can skip those objects.

Can you make this easier by putting a quicklink that appears only for 
managers, so we don't have to do the extra clicking to mark it?

> Those are very simple tasks that dont require any skills. Just a
> little patience and a working mouse :P
> Another thing: We are using a Plone-based site. I already did some
> work on CSS starting from the what Limi did on
> http://limi.net:8080/nzo so it doesnt look too much like Plone. I
> would like to hear only suggestions and no 'I hate Plone' emails. No
> rant should come without a volunteering to fix the issue!

Looks like this plea has already been overlooked. :^(