NZO and Plone (Was: Re: [ZWeb] Not another ___Nuke site, please)

Erik Lange
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 22:52:32 +0100

Dear Paul,

As you wrote yourself, Aussum has a point below.

I don't wan't to rant Plone, but it seems that something has been 
concluded. Is it wrong to ask about the thoughts behind ?

At 11:34 AM 1/14/03, Paul Everitt wrote:

>Ausum Studio wrote:
>>What it's in discussion, up to the extent of what current nzo development
>>responsibles allow, is whether or not the new ZopeOrg should use Plone for
>>the sake of a faster deployment and future maintaining facilities, or not.
>>If the problem was reduced to that I'd say OK, but unfortunately nzo's
>>technology adoptions will be a reference point of what Zope and its Content
>>Management Framework is, and therefore will act as an endorsement of the
>>whole community (or at least ZC's on behalf of it) to the design decisions
>>of its developers.
>This is an important and useful point.  I'm not sure, though, what to 
>conclude from it.


 From Guido:


Subject: [ZWeb] Reopening the Plone issue -- but not here, please
List-Archive: <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 15:24:44 -0500


The reason why Zope Corp is not super-keen on having the site run on
Plone is one of support.  Once Sidnei has delivered the site and is
retired, when the site dies at 3am, whose beeper goes off?  Not mine,
but that of some poor schmuck of a Zope Corp sysadmin, who will
attempt to fix the problem.  When there's a problem with the Zope
software that he can't solve on his own, who gets called at 4am?  Not
me, but someone else at Zope Corp who knows a lot about Zope.  This
guy doesn't know anything about Plone, but he knows CMF.  If (God
forbid) the problem is caused by something that Plone does differently
than CMF, he's stuck.

But there area ways to deal with this, and I now think that we can be
much more rational about this decision.  I've talked this over with
Sidnei, and he agrees.  His suggestion is to take this to another
list, since zope-web is only a small (albeit oh-so vocal :-) fraction
of the Zope community.  I'm all for it, but I'd like to stay out of it
myself, as long as the above support concern is somehow addressed.
(One way to address it would be to promise that the site will still
work if the Plone stuff is removed, leaving standard CMF stuff.)

I'll task Sidnei with raising the issue in an appropriate list.


Sorry.. I must have missed this other list. What where the conclussions ?

Kind regards,
Erik Lange