[ZWeb] NZO pre-alpha Announcement and Call for volunteers

Erik Lange erik@digitalforbruger.dk
Mon, 17 Feb 2003 14:43:36 +0100

At 12:57 PM 2/17/03, Sidnei da Silva wrote:
>| Again, I agree.
>| Something I miss at the Alpha-site is the News-collum at the front and=
>| RSS-feed... in our "Plone rip-off"-skin, we've placed the RSS-link of
>| syndicated items in their about box.
>Thats what I explained on my call for volunteers. I dont have a
>frontpage yet and Im asking for suggestions (best if with volunteering)
>of how to do it right on NZO. Are you a volunteer?

Yes - Gitte Wange and I (MM Manager) would like to help, if we can.

How do we do ?

What do you need - a layout-suggestion for the frontpage (html-mock-up) or=
code for it ? Or both ?

As you may know, we're not in-depth specialist in Plone, but would like to=
contribute with whatever we can... ;-)

Gitte will be doing the actual coding - I just have some ideas/suggestions=
on structure/usability I would like to share.

Erik Lange

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