[ZWeb] What are the plans for cmf.zope.org?

Sidnei da Silva sidnei@x3ng.com.br
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 23:43:17 -0300

Citando Ausum Studio <ausum_studio@hotmail.com>:

| While it looks like Plone supporters are going to take nzo almost by the
| force, 

I dont know what are you trying to say here. If you feel like you can do a
better job alone than 'the Plone supporters', feel free to do it. Im not
enforcing Plone. The migration script is not Plone specific. Im only doing the
simplest thing that works: using the tool that is ready and fits the job instead
of reinventing the wheel.

Until this moment, I havent received a single complaint about something on this
Plone version on NZO that cant be fixed with little effort. 

| I opt to be constructive and ask to ZC: What are the plans for
| cmf.zope.org? Would you accept the effort of members of the community and
| let us to take over the redesign of that portal?  :)

As far as *I* know, there are no plans to make any change on the way
cmf.zope.org looks/works. It is supposed to be a place for the CMF developers
'eat their own dogfood'. Thats why it is called 'CMF DogBowl'. 

I thought you said that you liked the CMF. Why would cmf.zope.org need a
redesign if it represents CMF at its best?

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