[ZWeb] What are the plans for cmf.zope.org?

george donnelly list@zettai.net
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 10:52:34 -0500

[Ausum Studio wrote (ausum_studio@hotmail.com) on 2/19/03 10:23 AM]

>> As far as *I* know, there are no plans to make any change on the way
>> cmf.zope.org looks/works. It is supposed to be a place for the CMF
> developers
>> 'eat their own dogfood'. Thats why it is called 'CMF DogBowl'.
>> I thought you said that you liked the CMF. Why would cmf.zope.org need a
>> redesign if it represents CMF at its best?
> I like the CMF framework, and certainly cmf.zope.org doesn't represent it
> at its best. It can be improved.

while we're on this topic, why is there a cmf.zope.org?

If zope.org is going to be run on CMF*, then why is there a cmf site as
well? I see cmf.zope.org as a neglected ugly duckling and a separation of
efforts. CMF is just another Zope product. let's unite the two.

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