[ZWeb] What are the plans for cmf.zope.org?

Paul Everitt paul@eurozope.org
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 17:14:27 +0100

Ausum Studio wrote:
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> From: "Sidnei da Silva" <sidnei@x3ng.com.br>
>>Citando Ausum Studio <ausum_studio@hotmail.com>:
>>| While it looks like Plone supporters are going to take nzo almost by
> the
>>| force,
>>I dont know what are you trying to say here. If you feel like you can do
> a
>>better job alone than 'the Plone supporters', feel free to do it. Im not
>>enforcing Plone. The migration script is not Plone specific. Im only
> doing the
>>simplest thing that works: using the tool that is ready and fits the job
> instead
>>of reinventing the wheel.
>>Until this moment, I havent received a single complaint about something
> on this
>>Plone version on NZO that cant be fixed with little effort.
> Imagine for a moment that you run an architects firm and that you are in
> the last of several business meetings with the board and executive staff of
> a bank, discussing the terms of their new corporate building. Your firm is
> already under contract; they have explained you their mission statement;
> areas executives have explained their needs; they even have told you about
> some of their new ideas based on which they plan to beat their competition,
> and how the new headquarters must show off those new strenghts of the
> company. The meeting is about to finish and suddenly the CEO asks you:
> - So, when do you think we'll have the plans finished?
> - In a month - you respond
> - Just a month?!
> - Yes! It happens that we just finished another bank's headquarters a
> couple of weeks ago, that took us a year and a half to complete. We
> comitted our best architects and engineers for the job; they've been widely
> recognized for their work in papers and specialized magazines all over the
> world; and as we already have all those plans in Autocad and we've retained
> the rights, we just need to hide what it could resemble to that other
> bank - by performing some changes to them -  and we're done. You won't need
> to wait eighteen months but just one. Isn't it great?!

I'm going to try to decipher your point.  But you didn't at all respond 
to Sidnei's point.

Instead of complaining about the volunteering from the Plone supporters, 
volunteer and do it your way.

Until some of us (me included) start *doing* something instead of 
talking, then we don't have enough credibility to criticize Sidnei.

Sidnei thinks he can do something better/faster/cheaper using Plone. 
Remember, we're still in alpha mode, so if all of the customers think 
it's ugly, or slow, or some mutant baby spawned in hell...they'll tell us!

If however, people like the Plone version and consider it an 
improvement, well that's good news, right?  After all, we made the 
customer happy, right?

I'd like to make another point.  There are *major* changes to test in 
this alpha: Python 1->2, Zope 2.3.frankenstein -> 2.today, 
NeoPTKCMF->CMF, DTML -> page templates, a new hosting environment, new 
content types, a migration script, ...

Plone represents less than 3% of the stuff to evaluate.  If you are 
committted to helping nzo, I think that you can "hold your nose" and 
participate.  And if that 3% proves unpalatable to our customers, proves 
stupid to support, and your ideas are better, it just might happen.

If that 3% is unbearable, then I don't know what to tell you.

>>| I opt to be constructive and ask to ZC: What are the plans for
>>| cmf.zope.org? Would you accept the effort of members of the community
> and
>>| let us to take over the redesign of that portal?  :)
>>As far as *I* know, there are no plans to make any change on the way
>>cmf.zope.org looks/works. It is supposed to be a place for the CMF
> developers
>>'eat their own dogfood'. Thats why it is called 'CMF DogBowl'.
>>I thought you said that you liked the CMF. Why would cmf.zope.org need a
>>redesign if it represents CMF at its best?
> I like the CMF framework, and certainly cmf.zope.org doesn't represent it
> at its best. It can be improved.

I can promise you, nobody will stop you.  There have been public calls 
for help over the years.  Will you contribute?