[ZWeb] FYI: Back to the past

Paul Everitt paul@zope-europe.org
Thu, 20 Feb 2003 14:51:03 +0100

Howdy.  Sidnei and I were on IRC a while today, going through some of 
the points brought up so far.

Sidnei found the old home page we had done, which included a lot of the 
results from the IA (information architecture) discussion.  He also 
found the search results page I had done, which had the Google look.

Take another look at:


First, be patient, as some things are quite broken.  So for now, please 
don't mention the broken things.  But some things to consider:

1) The multi-column layout that George mentioned.

2) Specifically, the time-sensitive, always-fresh stuff scrolling 
through on the right.

3) Under "Info for", our attempt to say to people, "If you are one of 
the following audiences, start here."

4) Do a search for "xml" or some other search term, you can see the 
search results.  (Sidnei and I already discussed the need for 
extracting a "description" when there isn't one available.)

5) Perhaps most important, the navigation box has a hierarchy of 
"sections" that conform to the SiteOrganization page discussion:


The idea: break the big content pile problem into smaller piles called 
sections, and get people to own and garden the sections.

Not much is in the wiki, but we made a lot of progress on the mailing 
list and IRC appointments at the time.