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Sun, 23 Feb 2003 11:56:50 -0500

[Paul Everitt wrote (paul@eurozope.org) on 2/21/03 12:07 PM]

> I think it's an edict that Zope is an app server, not a CMS.  In my
> opinion, it's one or the other, but calling it both is evil.

agreed, but now there is a proposal to merge cmf.zope.org with NZO.

In any case, one of the things we want is for zope to appear prominently in
certain searches in search engines or indices, right? So what search terms
should it come up prominently for? any suggesstions?

Or is this not important?

> To compromise, I put this as the official definition of Zope: "Zope is
> an award-winning open source application server for building content
> management systems, intranets, and custom applications."

Nice compromise. :) but its too long for the <title>. This would be
excellent for the intro on the front page. short and sweet.

+1 for this to be the intro on the front page, above where the spotlight on
zope + amaya is and that it have a link to the about zope page.

> Instead, I'd prefer somebody declare themselves the BDFL on Zope market
> positioning and shove their decision down our throats.  Seriously.
> Consensus is elusive on this point.

Having a murky "chain of command" is something that can really kill a
project/organization/business. (I've seen it happen). Can we set up a
structure? Can we decide who's in charge (Jeff and Sidnei right? and more so
Jeff, since he'll be the webmaster of NZO when its ready?)? and set up the
structure for people to take ownership and be able to make decisions?

What are the sections to be owned? What are the requirements for someone to
take ownership? 

I propose these be the sections for purposes of ownership:

About Zope
Resources (Community as a subsection)
Projects/DevHome (not sure what the distinction is)

I propose that we decide on the sections and then people can volunteer to
take onwership of each section.

Then section owners can get to work (get manager status in their section?)
and perhaps even form committees.

> I think the "Back to the Future" layout resurrected by Sidnei
> reinstalls this idea, by having clearly-defined sections in the left
> side.  I also think this is a common approach.

Yep, its pretty excellent. Altho now we seem to have double left nav.

+1 that we merge them using the format of the top one and that these be the
remaining top-level sections:

About Zope
Resources (Community as a subsection)
Projects/DevHome (not sure what the distinction is?)

> I'm not sure we need both, one in the footer and one in the nav area.

Don't underestimate the importance of navigation. An abbreviated site map at
the bottom of pages encourages people to keep exploring even when they've
reached the bottom of the page.

> Their audience is people looking for reference material on building
> websites.  When compared to porn sites and growing organic tomatos,
> it's pretty close to our target audience.  Particularly from a goal
> perspective and a content organization persepective.

well, if you want to make an extreme comparison, then ok.

>> Well, a tag line usually does go up around there, where the graphic
>> is...
> Only Jeffrey can make this happen, I believe.

This goes to making things more accessible and clear for new people which is
a prereq for 10x.

I propose the tagline be this:

The Open-Source Application Server

If we can get a Y/N from the boss(es) then we can start thinking about how
to do it.

>> The one that i was pushing a while back as a workflow/more digestable
>> version of Zope News.
> Ahh, yes.  Did you make progress on it?

In the technical sense, I already have it done and have been using it on
zettai.net for like a year.

In the sense of getting people to agree with me on it, then its stalled.

> Actually, this work didn't make it into the printed version at Amazon
> so much, and the proceeds don't go back into the community.  I'd prefer
> to highlight the online Zope Book rather than the old, out-of-date
> Amazon book.

Ok, I see your point. +1

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