[ZWeb] dev.nzo.zope.org is great!

PieterB PieterB <pieterb@gewis.nl>
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 13:26:59 +0100 (CET)


I really like the new zope.org at http://dev.nzo.zope.org/

Some small remarks to make it even better:

- I should remove the first box heading 'navigation', because it is
common practice to put the navigation area in the left-top-corner

- Drop the second navigation box

- Sort the top level naviation aphabetically, so
  About Zope, Business, Community, Docs, Download, Projects.
  instead of About Zope, Docs, Download, Projects, Community, Business.

- Decrease the whitespace above "Spotlight on..." and "Announcements"

- "Spotlight on using Zope With Amaya instead" of
  "Spotlight on...<br> Using Zope With Amaya"

- Use small font for Spotlight subtitle, 
  "By Michel Pelletier 21 August, 2001"

- Use a more recent spotlight ;)

- Start with "What is Zope?" instead of the spotlight

- Change title to "Zope.org: Welcome to Zope.org" instead of "index_html"

- Be consistent with using capitals for new words. I would suggest not
  to use them (so "Top resources" instead of "Top Resources").

Some suggestions that would require some more work:

- I think a "view source" or "view page template" function for
members would increase the use of good templates. Example:

- Don't use fixed px or pt in stylesheets! See
  If nobody is working on this part, I can provide patches to make
  the CSS WAI-compatible.

- Change title of "Top Resources". I think the term 'Resource' is
  unclear.  Is it a page, a product, a howto or something else? I
  would suggest something like "Top rated pages" (products have
  pages which describe the product). Btw on my browser (IE6) it is
  shown as "Top<br>Resources". I would like all headings to be so
  short that they don't wrap (use smaller font, use &nbsp;, decrease
  length of heading text)

- Specify a doctype and make the page XHTML valid. See