[ZWeb] NZO / Plone / etc

george donnelly list@zettai.net
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 08:49:45 -0500

[Chris Withers wrote (chrisw@nipltd.com) on 2/25/03 6:02 AM]

>> I would like to say again that NZO look-n-feel will only be as good as
>> *I* am able to do it if there are no volunteers. I feel comfortable on
>> targetting IE 5.5+ and Mozilla as browsers.
> I think that is a mistake. I can live without Netscape, although we really
> should support it, at least version six. However, things like Lynx really need
> to be considered. And there's still a lot of IE 5.0 around... Has anyone tried
> with IE 6?

It won't be too hard to make the template accessible and even decent-lloking
for NN4, IE5 and Lynx and above. I'm going to work on this this week.

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