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Godefroid Chapelle gotcha@swing.be
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 09:08:29 +0100

At 03:33 26/02/2003, george donnelly wrote:
>hi all
>I spent a few hours working up an alt front page for NZO. I preserved the
>major features but redid the xhtml and css from scratch. With a little less
>content, the html is almost 2/3 less (24KB to 9KB) and the CSS is probably a
>lot less as well (didn't measure it).
>you can find it here:
>Please keep in mind its *really rough*. It should work on NN4 but I haven't
>done any browser testing. Some of the ideas are not well-developed or
>polished either. So please critique if you're interested but please be kind.
>If it looks really wrong on your browser for some reason, then here is a
>http://files.zettai.net/nzo/nzo.jpg (108KB)
>If there is interest, then I can take the time to make sure it works well
>across browsers and generallly polish it.
>george donnelly - http://zettai.net/ - "We Love Newbies" :)

I browsed it with Opera 6, it looks OK.

Except for the color scheme which is a bit strange.
I suggest you take a look at ColorZ 
http://www.zope.org/Members/maxm/productList/colorz, this helps to produce 
nice color schemes.

I do not really understand why you do this work but maybe I haven't read 
enough of the list.


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