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Paul Everitt paul@eurozope.org
Thu, 09 Jan 2003 13:53:53 +0100

This is my first reply through gmane.org, so let's see what happens...

Are both Jeffrey and Sidnei going to work on the migration throughout 
2003?  I expect the launch date to be just the beginning of a bunch of 
content-related and software-related work.

Stated differently, how many dedicated manhours are there after the 
launch date?


Guido van Rossum wrote:
> Here are Zope Corporation's status reports from zope.org and the "new
> zope.org" effort.  We haven't been keeping the community up to date
> very frequently regarding our efforts to improve these sites, for
> which our apologies.  From now on we'll try to do better.  Apologies
> for the cross-posting; please direct followups to zope-web@zope.org.
> First the zope.org status report.  The big news here is that we now
> have a (part-time) paid webmaster, Jeffrey Shell.  (Some of you may
> already have noticed this, but AFAICT it was never officially
> announced.)  Jeffrey has calmly and quietly been gardening the
> zope.org website, adding a link here, cleaning up a page there.  To
> reach Jeffrey, send email to webmaster@zope.org.
> Next, the new zope.org effort.  When we last reported on this, we had
> hired Sidnei da Silva to convert the old site to a more recent version
> of Zope and CMF.  The site will also get a new look (based on the
> contest winner (similar to www.zope.ch).  We're glad to report that
> Sidnei has been very active, and we expect he'll be ready to go live
> with the new site next month, despite having spent three weeks in the
> hospital with pneumonia.
> Here's a more detailed status report from Sidnei:
>    Milestone Three:
>    - Update ZWiki to latest version -- This was already
>    done before I went to the hospital. Of course ZWiki
>    development continued, and I updated it again this
>    monday to get all fixes. There is still some work
>    regarding UI to be done (converting backlinks, history
>    and subscribe pages to ZPT).
>    Milestone Four: 
>    - Create custom replacements, based on CMFDefault for
>    UseCases, ZSP, etc. -- Not done yet.
>    - CMFPackage -- Its working and funcional. Still needs
>    UI work (integrating a mockup that was done by Olivier
>    (?) with the Software Package view).
>    Milestone Five:
>    - Replace Software Product -> CMFPackage -- Migration
>    script is working very nicely with this. Some manual work
>    will be required for organizing /Products/Zope, which has
>    a folder for each version released plus a folder for each hotfix.
>    - Replace Tracker -> CMFCollector -- I feel like we need
>    to discuss this one a bit. Reason: there is now a new and
>    improved collector, CMFCollectorNG, which was developed
>    by Andreas Jung based on CMFCollector. It looks worth
>    using and contains great improvements
>    - Replace UseCases/ZSP -> Custom CMF-Aware types -- Not
>    done yet.
>    - Consolidate ZCatalogs -- Based on some preliminar
>    tests, I feel that we may need a better approach to
>    this. Seems like theres no *big* speed improvement in using
>    ZCTextIndex when used together with slower indexes, at
>    least with the out of the box CMF search script and
>    having *all* the content indexed at
>    'portal_catalog'. However, the search results seem to be
>    a lot more meaningful. So, this item 'just works', but
>    may need optimization.
>    Milestone Six
>    - UI work. Make a "Useable" skin that will be replaced
>    later -- Im working on this right now, specially on
>    CMFPackage and CMFBackTalk. I already adapted the
>    template to be automagically shared between ZPT and DTML
>    skins, and thats a great improvement cause it will allow
>    us to reuse a lot of things from the old site without big
>    modifications.
> --Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)
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