[ZWeb] Zope.org and New zope.org status

Andy McKay andy@agmweb.ca
Thu, 09 Jan 2003 16:25:59 -0800

> Thus, I propose that nzo use Plone, for the
> following reasons:


> 2) The Plone community will continue doing such work going forward.  How 
> much improvement will go into NZO after the launch?

Plone will keep improving and to me this is the biggest advantage of 
using it. On ZopeZen I can now take advantage of all the things Plone 
offers, UI improvements, translations without having to do any of this 

By using Plone you will ensure that Zope.org is up to date with all the 
latest UI improvements without having to do them. Paul raises the very 
important point of looking 6 months to a year down the line. nzo is for 
life not just for Christmas.

> 7) We could take the content objects for nzo and put them in the 
> Collective, so they won't (hopefully) languish.

I've noted at least one is already there (CMFPackage).

> 3) People claim Plone has a performance penalty.  Not as much as the 
> claimed penalty of CMF (which is being used for nzo), but a claimed 
> penalty nonetheless.  I don't think there are numbers, unfortunately.  
> Maybe we could ask Andy.

Like anything its all in the design of the individual site. Moving 
ZopeZen from a highly optimized and cached DTML based skin to Plone 
meant the site suffered a performance penalty. There are some things 
that are problems in ZPT like not being able to cache macros, but with a 
bit of work we can fix those.

I don't see any of them being just Plone problems.
   Andy McKay