[ZWeb] FYI: Readying the "Zope Download Center"

Paul Everitt paul@eurozope.org
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 00:02:10 +0100

Back in November we on zope-web discussed making Zope downloadable from 
SourceForge's global mirror system:


Based on the agreed decision to pursue this, Sidnei and I said we'd do 
some work and come back with the results.  Well, it looks good and we're 
ready to take the next step:

   (Don't mind the layout bugs, those will be fixed in the next step)

We also revived the Freshmeat project page.

To revisitthe proposal, this is to give *an extra* download location, 
not to eliminate others.  Zope can still be downloaded from zope.org, 
shipped with RedHat, packaged for Debian and Fink, etc.  Obviously, the 
more the better.

However, this option gives us benefits we've never had:

   o Faster pipes

   o Global downloads

   o Download statistics (finally!)

   o Eliminate single point of failure

...as well as removing around half the monthly network traffic on zope.org.

The next step is to get this woven into the /Products page, which could 
also use some sprucing up.  We hope to get this done soon, in advance of 
the 2.6.1 release.