[ZWeb] FYI: Readying the "Zope Download Center"

george donnelly list@zettai.net
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 15:45:27 -0500

>> this is totally customizable in webalizer.conf...
> Yep.  The challenge, though, is that you don't really know how many
> items to keep.  For instance, if you keep the top 100 URL instead of
> the top 20, can you really be certain that Zope
> 2.1.2-z80-cpm-i-am-kidding.tgz wasn't download number 101?
> Is there a way to address this?  My knowledge of webalizer stopped at
> the free version from two years ago.

hmm, i don't think so. i think a more advanced tool is called for.

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