Zope.net (was Re: [ZWeb] Zope.org and New zope.org status)

Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey@cuemedia.com
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 14:08:03 -0700

On Sunday, January 12, 2003, at 12:03  PM, Paul Everitt wrote:
> Maybe there should be a "zope.net" idea, where we could tap into the 
> community as a large, loosely-coupled content management system.  
> Others are doing it, obviously Zope is capable.  Certainly not 
> something to discuss actively in the next three months though, until 
> after nzo launches.

Isn't that what Zope.org is doing now?  I actually wouldn't mind 
separating the community aspect of CZO from a site to get documentation 
and downloads, and a development site.  The two could be 
interconnected, because I think the community aspect of CZO has been 
what's made CZO actually work.  There are lots of new products and news 
items being posted (I expanded the "Recent News" box on the front page 
recently because some cool news items disappeared too quickly).

Separating the core content from the community content would probably 
improve general maintenance of the site, and keep the speed up.  It's 
just a thought.  For what it is, <http://www.php.net/> is not a bad 
site to visit - it's like Zope.org without the community parts.  
<http://www.php.net/sites.php> lists affiliated sites in the network.

I do think the community aspects of CZO are very nice, but we do know 
the burden that it places on the ZODB and maintenance of the site.  It 
might be good to separate them somewhat, but still have things like 
"Latest Zope.net uploads" and "Latest Zope.net news items" on a 
hypothetical Zope.org front page.