Zope.net (was Re: [ZWeb] Zope.org and New zope.org status)

george donnelly list@zettai.net
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 18:55:24 -0500


>> Separating the core content from the community content would probably
>> improve general maintenance of the site, and keep the speed up.  It's
>> just a thought.  For what it is, <http://www.php.net/> is not a bad
>> site to visit - it's like Zope.org without the community parts.
>> <http://www.php.net/sites.php> lists affiliated sites in the network.


> That's indeed a good point.  The core content should be centralized,
> fast, and relatively controlled.  The cathedral.  Other stuff could be
> flowing, dynamic, and chaotic.  The bazaar.

this is a fascinating idea. maybe we could look at some examples from the
weblog community as was mentioned, e.g, weblogs.com and their list of
recently updated blogs and their free hosting of blogs, the
trackback/backlinking feature of movabletype (
http://movabletype.org/trackback/ ), metafilter and slashdot, weblog search
engines and indices

how about this: a central site that links to the zope site universe, has an
integrated xml-based listing of all recent zope content that is out there
(weblog-ish look, or like the xml news feed thing in radio userland), the
ability to set up your zope space/weblog/etc (like zope.org/Members but with
more access to neat zope stuff) and some integration with google...

if "core" zope stuff were to be separated from the community, then would it
make sense to integrate the core stuff with zope.com?

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