[ZWeb] Re: Zope.net

Paul Everitt paul@eurozope.org
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 10:22:54 +0100

Jeffrey P Shell wrote:
> On Sunday, January 12, 2003, at 02:34  PM, Paul Everitt wrote:
>> Loosely-coupled is more, well, loosely-coupled.  For instance, 
>> freezope.org is doing a good job of servicing the sites of individual 
>> Zope users, from the reports I've been getting.  They're responsive 
>> and provide a fair bit of access.  OTOH, nzo is going in the opposite 
>> direction (DTML and ZPT are outlawed for most users).  This leaves an 
>> unmet need.
>> Is there a way to let people do some of their own thing, while still 
>> allowing information to flow around?  Certainly the blog universe, as 
>> you know very well, has made progress on this approach.  This problem 
>> doesn't necessarily require a cathedral.
>> I'm not sure the answer to this problem.  But I'm interested in a 
>> party line that says to the world of Zope, "What you're doing is good, 
>> can we cooperate with your site?"  This can help bring network effects 
>> which, in the blog world, are quite obvious.
> I was thinking about this in the shower (and I should note - it's now 
> 4:20 and I still haven't eaten yet.  D'oh!).  I think it would be 
> interesting to bring in RSS feeds from other Zope community sites.  
> Something even more interesting would be to read in RSS feeds and 
> catalog them, so that you could search for help on Zope.org and get a 
> ZopeLabs recipe or "Ask ZopeZen" discussion.

It seems that you, Kapil, George, and I are talking about some of the 
same ideas.  I took a few minutes this morning to write up a proposal:


Never mind the fonts, I thought I was smarter than Plone and 
experimented with my own fonts.  Time to revert (or better, use 
Jeffrey's font approach at Industrie Toulouse).

And good god, how much longer will we be stuck with STX-NG?  It rarely 
does what I expect.  On this document it turned a line that said:

   George added:

into a heading.  To fix I had to do this:


Does that seem natural?  Bleh.  Suckage.  I suppose nzo will still 
inflict STX-NG on us?