[ZWeb] Re: Zope.net

Paul Everitt paul@zope-europe.org
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 13:49:37 +0100

On Monday, Jan 13, 2003, at 13:33 Europe/Paris, Sidnei da Silva wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 13, 2003 at 10:22:54AM +0100, Paul Everitt wrote:
> | It seems that you, Kapil, George, and I are talking about some of the
> | same ideas.  I took a few minutes this morning to write up a 
> proposal:
> |
> |   http://www.zope-europe.org/articles/200301/czolinkbase
> Very nice proposal. Some comments:
>  - To solve the problem with ZODB we could store this on CVS, as you
>  said, but *dont* add it to ZODB via XML-RPC. Instead, make it be
>  served as a FS Directory View or similar.
>  Problems: FS Dir View only updates when Zope is restarted. We need to
>  fix this.

Note my constraints: must work with czo without creating new software.

I agree that, for nzo, your point is better.  But it also adds a task 
for nzo, which was prohibited in another constraint. :^)

>  - To solve the problem with asking for content by date, we can
>  develop a CMF Tool (for sites that use CMF) or a Zope Product (for
>  sites that dont use CMF) that would query a catalog and build the
>  RSS. This tool would be very configurable to allow using it on the
>  most strange setups.

Yep, I agree.  It's not a particularly challenging problem, to pass in 
a date argument to the rss.xml URL and get back date-constrained 

>  Problems: need to convince site owners to install this product.

Yep. :^)  We just need to get a couple of sites participating, then the 
others will beg. :^)

> | And good god, how much longer will we be stuck with STX-NG?  It 
> rarely
> | does what I expect.  On this document it turned a line that said:
> |
> |   George added:
> |
> | into a heading.  To fix I had to do this:
> |
> |   George
> |   added:
> |
> | Does that seem natural?  Bleh.  Suckage.  I suppose nzo will still
> | inflict STX-NG on us?
> You guessed it :) Of course we are free to add reSTX support on CMF,
> but you remember how clunky is the PUT support on Document? Well,
> thats something that would need to be refactored when adding reSTX.

Triple bleh. :^(  STX is easy, except when it isn't.