[ZWeb] Not another ___Nuke site, please

Paul Everitt paul@eurozope.org
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 21:02:08 +0100

Jeffrey P Shell wrote:
> <http://www.zope.ch/> says it is powered by Plone, but I think it's a 
> much better looking site than most Plone sites tend to look.  I'm not 
> sure if it switches skins to look more Plone-ish for those who prepare 
> the content, but the public side looks nice.  ZopeZen is a similar story 
> - it looks somewhat Plone-ish, but not too much.  And ZopeZen is more 
> than just some replaced page-templates in the skins layer, it adds and 
> modifies some policies and services to better fit the type of site that 
> ZopeZen wants to be.  (I'm not saying Plone is ugly, but it certainly 
> doesn't fit all situations).

What racks me up about zope.ch is...it's the NZO skin!  I know the guys 
and that's what they told me.

And to round the circle...Olivier based the NZO skin on Plone.

It's a weird world.