[ZWeb] Not another ___Nuke site, please

Andy McKay andy@agmweb.ca
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 14:56:11 -0800

> Finally - you shouldn't have to log in in order to use the site, and the 
> site shouldn't go through dramatic changes when you do log in.  And 
> personalization shouldn't happen based on browser identification, 
> because you shouldn't have a different Zope.org experience if you're at 
> home or at work or at a coffee shop.


I've yet to see a personalization effort that is worth it and has done 
anything for me. Personalization efforts I've implemented in past on 
sites have hardly been used (an do you use ZopeLabs code?), there are a 
few very limited areas where it can work, I don't think this is one.

i18n on the other hand is something that we should think about at some 
point for the future (one of my main reasons for moving to Plone).
   Andy McKay