[ZWeb] Zope.org and New zope.org status

Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey@cuemedia.com
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 12:56:53 -0700

On Tuesday, January 14, 2003, at 07:26  AM, Sidnei da Silva wrote:

> On Tue, Jan 14, 2003 at 10:06:36AM +0100, Paul Everitt wrote:
> |
> | Very good, thanks for the work on this.  What's the next step in
> | getting started?  Last May, we found topic-focused IRC appointments 
> to
> | be a good tool for getting work moving.  Do you, Jeffrey, or Sidnei
> | want to schedule one of these?
> Yes.
> | It appears you have a good handle on the software schedule, so 
> perhaps
> | the first topic should be the one that Jeffrey mentioned: content
> | organization.  If it would help, I could dig up some URLs referencing
> | previous discussions.
> Perfect topic. I suggest the Wiki organization as the subtopic. See
> suggestion from Simon Michael:
> http://lists.zope.org/pipermail/zope-web/2003-January/002270.html
> Thats a task that could be started in CZO and where volunteers could
> start helping right away. But we will need a task coordinator. This
> one can be Jeffrey, which is the webmaster or some other volunteer.
> Now, what about suggesting a date?
Except most people should know how I feel about Wiki's by now.  A 
bulleted list of FunnyCapitalization does not make good content 

I stand by my suggestion to quickly glance over PHP.net.

I'd like to see Wiki's role on Zope.org minimized.  If someone else 
wants to run a large Zope focused wiki (I'm not sure if ZWiki.org fills 
this role, but it's one that could), I think it's better left to people 
who are comfortable with the Wiki way.  Personally, I haven't had a 
single positive Wiki experience yet.  And I've been using them ever 
since they day Ken Manheimer and Jim Fulton went gaga over them at Zope 
Corp a few years ago.  I know they work for other people, but they 
still don't work for me.  Most Wiki's I've seen just seem like places 
where tiny bits of anti-narrative content goes to live forever.

I'll take on Wiki gardening if I have to, but the words that tend to 
fly out of my mouth when doing so could get me kicked out of the state 
of Utah :).

And right now, I am swamped under with way overdue documentation work 
for another project, while still trying to maintain other zope.org 
responsibilities.  I may have to step away from all of these 
discussions for a couple of days because I've written more email than 
documentation in the last few days.  But this is such an important 
discussion that it's hard to stay away from. :\