[ZWeb] Zope.org and New zope.org status

Andy McKay andy@agmweb.ca
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 13:05:40 -0800

>>Oh great, thanks. There are several other options like exUserFolder 
>>which can use LDAP etc.

> I can't tell if Andy is being sarcastic here or not <grin>.
> I'm appreciative of Zope Corp offering this, but...

No scarcasm intended, I do appreciate the offer, however don't know if 
its something that should be used.

> In the reverse of the stated ZC concern over using Plone, my reaction
> to this is, "but if we use a ZC commercial product, then we are
> stuck waiting for ZC to fix it if something goes wrong.  I'd rather
> we use an Open Source product the community can fix/enhance at
> need..."
> I understand the support concern expressed with regards to Plone,
> but maybe discusion of the user product should be included in the
> plone discussion.  After all, this ZC product is actually less well
> tested code than, say, exUserFolder is right now...

Im not sure if the response to the Plone support question has been 
drafted yet, but this is a point in that response.

I would agree fully with David and it would seem that this attitude only 
lends itself to Zope Corp only using Zope Corp code on Zope.org and 
hence increasing the burden on Zope Corp. Using tried and tested 
products like exUserFolder and Plone reduce the burden on Zope Corp and 
also help out the community by recognising their contribution.

What does this ZC product do that exUserFolder doesn't? You'll never get 
someone in the community to provide round the clock 2am support for a 
product, but you will get the code and general support over the mailing 
lists. Isn't everyone using each others code, part of what open source 
is about?
   Andy McKay