[ZWeb] proposal: one Zope wiki

Adrian van den Dries az@CANTANKER.NET
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 12:07:31 +1100

quoth Simon Michael:

> Right. I advocate a single central zope wiki on zope.org. This would be
> the default catch-all wiki and jumping-off point, free-form encyclopaedia,
> etc. for all things zope. Although new scalability issues will need to be
> dealt with when it grows very large, a single large wiki will be more
> useful and more attractive to maintain than the current confusing
> proliferation of zope wikis in random locations with duplicated pages.


Absolutely.  We should minimise as much as possible the overhead for
both documentors and document-searchers.

I'm just a little concerned with "free-form".  Structure is good.
Organisation is better, Nazi is bad.

Is that the end of this thread? ;-)


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