[ZWeb] new.zope.org

Heimo Laukkanen huima@fountainpark.org
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 17:20:19 +0200

Guido wrote:

> Good point.  One reason to use the ZC product is because ZC wants to
> use zope.org as a test site for the product.  I expect that problems
> with the product on zope.org will be taken as seriously as when they
> occurred at a customer site -- after all if it croaks on zope.org,
> it'll probably croak at the next customer site too, so it behooves us
> to fix it! 

This is a good point - as well as the point to use community made 
products to show community's contribution and value to whole Zope 
movement. Good question is, what we as a community expect to get from 
new zope org - we as a community and what does Zope Corp want to get 
out of it. And make decisions about the implementation with that 

For me there are few priorities on zope.org:

- it works
- it behaves as a hub for Zope information around the web
- it has tools to share and find information that I need

Showcasing or testing new technology, or even using only open source 
products, is not really a priority for me if we talk about zope.org. 
What is important, is that zope.org would work better as a place to 
share Zope knowledge.

If it is hard to do at zope.org ( or people have hard times finding 
information from zope.org ) then people share and try to find info 
from other places: mailinglists, other sites, google searches etc. And 
then we are right at the same place as we are have been for a while: 
knowledge scattered around the web and mail archives.

Plone.org and zopezen.org have showed that Plone can be used to create 
very nice services that allow users easily to contibute and create new 
content. So in this sense it could be a good choise to use even Plone 
as a base for new.zope.org. But only if we can then guarantee that it 
works, and there are people supporting it.

Ofcourse this is juuust my point of view, but in the not so very 
distant future it would be great to see - that the zope.org would be 
run even more by the community and ZC as a co-operation -- Zope Corp 
possibly taking more care of the infrastructure and community 
providing new ideas, content and tools. And I think that we are moving 
to that direction with new people taking charge and putting their time 
to efforts like Zope news etc.

My 0.5 euros.

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